DJ Dopestar has established himself to be a very innovative and determined DJ. DJ Dopestar was born in Washington, DC and developed an ear for music at a young age. As a child growing up in the 90s, he loved Hip-Hop as a culture and art form. Dopestar was influenced by the likes of artists such as Rakim, The Fugees, The Lox, Nas, Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes to name a few. Dopestar often provided music for various family and community functions. However, it was not until his sophomore year at college that he became fascinated with the art of DJ’ing. Dopestar decided to take his love for music and invest it whole-heartedly into DJ’ing. He purchased 2 turnables from a friend and bought a vinyl on ebay. He spent the next year learning the basics of beat matching and mixing.

As time progressed, Dopestar began to perfect his craft and establish a name on campus. By his junior year he became the premiere DJ on campus and worked with the school’s radio station. By his senior year, Dopestar secured a residency at the local bar in town and performed 3 nights a week at various gigs. Despite this, he still maintained a good academic record. While at Bucknell, Dopestar learned the importance of versatility and being able to cater to any crowd. Spinning everything from Electro House to Dubstep to Hip-Hop, Dopestar has created an extensive resume. DJ Dopestar has performed at premiere nightclubs in DC, MD, VA, PA, and NY. He has also worked alongside various artists such as Wale, 9th Wonder, DJ Webstar, and Swizz Beatz to name a few. DJ Dopestar creates a dynamic atmosphere on any dance floor and has unforgettable live sets that include mash-ups, remixes, and originals.

DJ Dopestar wants to continue acquiring residencies and progressing as a respected DJ. He also looks forward to continuing to explore new avenues of music and working with artists locally, nationally and internationally.

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